Work Experience

You’ll be happy to hear that we offer regular opportunities for students all year round! Whether it’s a Work Insight Day or Week-long Placement, you’ll definitely get a feel for what it’s like to work at Vodafone!

Work Insight Day

This is the perfect taster, you can expect a jam packed day with lots of bite sized sessions - CV writing, interview techniques, you’ll learn how our business works…and of course lots of fun activities. Come and visit one of our London offices, we’d love to show you around! Please register your interest below and we’ll get in touch when a day becomes available.

Week-long Placement

We do a lot of cool things here at Vodafone and this is your chance to see it all in action. You’ll find yourself work shadowing one of our business leaders in an area that interests you and the week will be full of learning opportunities.


Programmes currently available are:

Week-long Placement: July 31 to Aug 3 - Code First: Girls – open to girls only

Are you a budding coder… or do you know someone who is? We will be partnering with CodeFirst: Girls to give girls aged between 15 and 18 the opportunity to learn to code. This 4-day interactive workshop is designed to provide the skills needed to design and build a website, and it could be the first step to an exciting career in technology!

Week-long Placement: October 23 to 27 – open to all students in Year 10 to 13

The week will be spent in one of our London offices and is an opportunity to see things first hand like how machines talk to both our customers and to each other in the world of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things all to improve our customer’s lives. You’ll walk away with experience on your CV, interview skills and confidence to take your next step!

If the programme or a particular scheme you are interested in is not open right now, you can register your interest here and we’ll be in touch when it does.